Friday, May 20, 2011

Friendship Bracelets

Each year I like to end my 5th grade classes with friendship bracelets.  After a bit of practice, even the boys are excited and find their favorite sports team colors or 6th grade school colors to make their bracelets (or extras after they finish their graded project).  This year as usual it became a fad!  Even the 4th graders started making some in their free time!  Here is one student finished example:

If you would like instructions on the Candy Stripe knot pattern we used please see a list of instructions here.
There are lots more patterns as well as internet videos out there to show many more knots.

Art Throughout the Year

We had so many fantastic art pieces this year, many of them before I started this blog, I wanted to take a space and share some of those projects with you.  I hope you enjoy! 
-Mrs. C




Van Gogh Sunflowers

 Our 3rd graders took a look at how Vincent Van Gogh created several art pieces of flowers.  We did our best to use his ideas to create flower art as well, however we made collages instead of painting.  Students also were not limited to sunflowers, but were encouraged to use his ideas of blending colors to create their own favorite flowers.

Y-Branches and Watercolors

Each year I try to introduce the idea of "branching" to my 1st graders.  We worked on using "printed ys" for the branches and "curvy ys" for the roots.  I know the idea of drawing a tree without a "fluffy" top is daunting to them, but they are becoming more comfortable with the idea after some practice...oh, and a little paint! ^_^

Friday, May 6, 2011

Aboriginal Art

Our second graders have been learning about music from all over the world.  After we listened to music from Austraila (and Mikaylah brought in some great didgeridoo music to listen to!) we made our own Aboriginal Dream art!  Here are some examples!